Adding in a Facebook “Like Us” Button using CoronaSDK

We’re going there. We’re moving a little bit closer to this newfangled social media fad the kids are talking about these days. I decided to add in a Facebook icon on the title screen of Brok, just for the purposes of giving our players an easy way to keep up with our scuttlebutt.

The idea is to offer the most painless way possible for players to “like” us on FB (btw, we have a FB page, you should check it out). I began by looking at the various Corona tutorials and examples to see how the integration should work. Corona has a Facebook api baked in, giving the developer an easy way to get a user logged in and make requests against the FB social graph. Below are a handful of the many posts that could help you get up and running.

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Amazing Brok is now available on Google Play!

Forgot to post this here on Sunday, but Brok went live sometime Sunday morning. We’re trying an experiment. We’re testing the semi-conventional wisdom that says paid apps are ok on iOS, but you must go F2P on Android. We’re doing nearly the opposite. The app is available for free on iOS with a limited number of levels, and an in-app purchase of $.99 unlocks the rest. On Google Play, we’re doing a straight-forward paid app, $.99 for the complete game. I plan on posting the results after the month ends for all to see. Stay tuned!

Get it on Google Play!

NaGaDeMo Update: Multiplier Timer and Bonus

Play the latest version here.

Added the visuals for the multiplier bonus, and a timer. If the timer reaches zero, your multiplier is reset. That’s all really. I had an idea for a graphical timer, but couldn’t get it to look right. Maybe later.

Tomorrow, I’ll add in an aiming indicator, and maybe some non-collectible obstacles to help/hinder your progress.

NaGaDeMo Update: Ugly progress

Play the build here.

Some visual changes, added a hideous space background image that doesn’t fit at all. Added back in the grid texture to the arena (not sure how or why that came out). Also added in the multiplier concept. The multiplier is set to the highest number of gems collected at one time, and the value is used to multiply your score for every subsequent collection. However, it resets to 1 if you form a triangle but fail to collect any gems. In the future, it will also reset if you take too long.

There was something else, but I’m really tired, and I hadn’t checked in my code in so long the diffs are useless. Let this be a lesson: Don’t go dark, boys and girls!

Edit: I remember what the other changes were! The gems take longer to blow up, giving you a bit more time to figure out what to do. I did not fix the color matching bugs (gems not collecting when they should). Also, the multiplier value is displayed at the top, and yes I know there’s an alignment problem. It’s just a prototype, I don’t have to have the whole thing finished for, like, 4 more days. Oh jeez…

NaGaDeMo Update: Multiple colors

Play the demo here.

I added the color matching mechanic. Currently there’s only 2 colors, but the code is easily extendable to as many colors as we need. In the end, we’ll probably only use 3 to 5, as I can already tell that the difficultly increases quickly with more colors.

The description of the color matching mechanic, in case you couldn’t figure it out, is that you have to bounce off (or start from) at least 1 surface of a matching color to pick up the gem. So if you try picking up a blue gem, but you start from and bounce off of all red surfaces, you won’t be able to get it.

In the next update, the gems themselves will have multiple colors. To pick up a multicolored gem, you have to bounce off at least 1 surface of a matching color for each color in the gem. I’m tired, so I’m sure none of that makes any sense. You’ll see it when I post it.

NaGaDeMo Update: A whole lot of nothing

I’m posting a build, even though it’s not a lot different from the previous one. The basic gameplay is unchanged, although I tweaked the visual a bit to prepare for the actual art that is soon to come. Behind the scenes, however, I fixed some bugs. You shouldn’t be able to launch the puck out of the arena anymore (at least, I couldn’t, but please let me know if you manage to do so.)

Play it here.

Up next is multiple colored boundaries and gems, with the next major game mechanic. Then it’s probably just polish from there on out.

NaGaDeMo Update: We have a game!

Play the new version here.

In this build, I added scoring and a losing condition. If you let a gem sit too long, it explodes, ending your game. For scoring, each group that you collect gives you 2^n points, where n is the number of gems in the collection less one. So 1 gem is worth 2^(1-1) = 1; 2 gems are worth 2^(2-1) = 2; 3 are worth 4; 4 are worth 8; etc.

I also added some variations on the sparks, to give you an indication that a gem is about to explode (small blue sparks), and an indication that a gem exploded (big orange sparks).