NaGaDeMo Update: Ugly progress

Play the build here.

Some visual changes, added a hideous space background image that doesn’t fit at all. Added back in the grid texture to the arena (not sure how or why that came out). Also added in the multiplier concept. The multiplier is set to the highest number of gems collected at one time, and the value is used to multiply your score for every subsequent collection. However, it resets to 1 if you form a triangle but fail to collect any gems. In the future, it will also reset if you take too long.

There was something else, but I’m really tired, and I hadn’t checked in my code in so long the diffs are useless. Let this be a lesson: Don’t go dark, boys and girls!

Edit: I remember what the other changes were! The gems take longer to blow up, giving you a bit more time to figure out what to do. I did not fix the color matching bugs (gems not collecting when they should). Also, the multiplier value is displayed at the top, and yes I know there’s an alignment problem. It’s just a prototype, I don’t have to have the whole thing finished for, like, 4 more days. Oh jeez…

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