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  1. Hey there. I am working on making my first game with Corona, and your post about linking to the facebook app helped me out. i bought your game today and its awesome! Did you ever do any marketing on it to get the name out there more? I think it has a ton of potential. I saw you are just a 2 man team making the game. How long did it take you guys? I started my own business with one other person (part-time) and we have some app ideas but we are just working on our first 2 apps to get started (1 in corona, the other with html 5/jQuery Mobile). I’d like to pick your brain for some advice and knowledge, and definitely encourage you to make the best you can of Amazing Brok! Hope to hear from you.

    • Hey Mick, thanks for the interest! We didn’t do any marketing; we’re really not sure what to do in that regard. It took us about 8 months from start to finish, but that’s with some pretty big breaks in between. I think at my last estimate, we spent around 450 hours on it. A lot of that time went to just figuring out the environments and platforms (mobile dev was a new thing to us, as well as game dev).

      I thought Corona was a good choice for Brok, being our first project, since it was fast, easy, and cross-platform. We both have some interest in making an HTML5+js game in the future, perhaps using GameClosure ( or some other tool.

      I’m currently porting Brok over from Corona to MOAI SDK. One big benefit is that it’s free to use and open source. Our Corona subscription is about to lapse, and I have no interest in paying it again just to do some minor updates to Brok. MOAI is more flexible, and provides support for more interesting graphics (shaders being a big plus). It’s a bit of a learning curve to get into, though.

      We have some new ideas for Brok that we think would really improve the game, making and simultaneously more fun and accessible. It’s just been a slow process so far. We both do this in our spare time, outside of day jobs, family, etc. I also have a 2nd game project (new IP) I’m working on with a different guy, so my time is spread pretty thin.

      I’m certainly happy to try answering any questions that you have, just keep in mind I’m pretty new to this process as well (1 app hardly makes me an expert). Also, feel free to email me directly (

      (Sorry about the long delay, btw, I’ll need to tweak the spam filter I think).

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