Amazing Brok


Amazing Brok is a really challenging 2D platformer that addresses the problem plaguing so many other platformers on mobile devices: the controls. Brok is unique with its 2 button system.

One button causes Brok to jump, and the other interacts with the objects in the level in various ways. This control system is a lot of fun to learn, and provides a lot of interesting level mechanics, like timing your jump for extra height (coming off a landing), or wall jumping. The first few levels let you get familiar with the controls.


Brok is a rock, but not just an ordinary rock. Brok has a special gift; Brok can jump. His dream is to one day join the circus. He sets out on his journey, traversing the countryside while performing death-defying feats and acrobatic shows. In this game, you must help him get to the circus. You must help him become “Amazing Brok”.


Selected Articles

  • “And with these draconian limitations on your character, suddenly this rich field of level design comes out.” –
  • “it’ll get fans of puzzle and fast-paced platform games interested…” –
  • “I think there’s a lot of fun to be had here already…” –
  • “…it’s a rock solid game… pun totally intended.” –