Our Really Late 7dRTS Entry: RTSChess

So, this is pretty late, but here it is nonetheless. We had some really cool ideas for expanding this, but that will have to come later.

See below for the game and some instructions (you’ll need them).

Here’s what you need to know:

  • First off, bring a friend. No single player and no users means you might be waiting a long time.
  • All pieces move for the most part like regular chess.
  • The second piece to a square will capture the first piece if they are opposing.
  • The second piece to a square will be stopped if the first piece is the same color.
  • If the second piece to enter is a knight of the same color:
    • If the first piece is a lower rank (rook or pawn), the first piece is sacrificed.
    • If the first piece is a higher or equal rank (knight, bishop, queen, king), the entering knight is sacrificed.
  • Pawns can only attack diagonally forward during the time that an enemy is present in the that square.
  • Pawns will die if they try to attack a higher rank head on.
  • First side to eliminate the opposing king wins.

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