Amazing Brok v1.1 Nearing Completion

We’ve made all the bug fixes, changes, and improvements that we’re going to make. Starting tonight, Adam and I are just doing playtesting on the new levels, and adjusting the timings and scoring system to make it a bit harder to get gold.

I’m not allowed to show you all the visual changes we made. However, I can tell you that getting gold on all levels in any stage unlocks a surprise. Further, each stage holds it’s own surprise. Further still, getting golds on all levels will get you yet another surprise. Lots of surprises. Surprise!

On iOS, there will be a significant performance improvement. Several of the images have been touched up for higher resolution displays. We added a Facebook link on the title screen. We also added a periodic prompt for the user to rate the game. Finally, we added a banner in the level select menu to make it easier to buy the game. Some users mentioned not knowing how to buy the full game; we had previously hidden the buy button in the settings screen, or you had to complete all the levels before it prompted you to buy.

If all goes well, we’ll be submitting the update this weekend. Then it’s on to the next project!

Adding in a Facebook “Like Us” Button using CoronaSDK

We’re going there. We’re moving a little bit closer to this newfangled social media fad the kids are talking about these days. I decided to add in a Facebook icon on the title screen of Brok, just for the purposes of giving our players an easy way to keep up with ourĀ scuttlebutt.

The idea is to offer the most painless way possible for players to “like” us on FB (btw, we have a FB page, you should check it out). I began by looking at the various Corona tutorials and examples to see how the integration should work. Corona has a Facebook api baked in, giving the developer an easy way to get a user logged in and make requests against the FB social graph. Below are a handful of the many posts that could help you get up and running.

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Amazing Brok is now available on Google Play!

Forgot to post this here on Sunday, but Brok went live sometime Sunday morning. We’re trying an experiment. We’re testing the semi-conventional wisdom that says paid apps are ok on iOS, but you must go F2P on Android. We’re doing nearly the opposite. The app is available for free on iOS with a limited number of levels, and an in-app purchase of $.99 unlocks the rest. On Google Play, we’re doing a straight-forward paid app, $.99 for the complete game. I plan on posting the results after the month ends for all to see. Stay tuned!

Get it on Google Play!