NaGaDeMo Update: Still not a proper game, but 200% more sexy

Play the new versionĀ here.

This is the first fun build, in my opinion. There’s still no actual gameplay, but the visuals make it a bit more compelling to toy around with. Changes I introduced are:

  • Refactored collectible object code to give more flexibility
  • Added a lot more objects on the board
  • Swapped out the boring blue square for a model of a gem
  • Made the gems randomly spin around
  • Added a particle effect when the gems are collected
  • Modified the collection region to fill in a triangle, instead of drawing a border
  • Reduced the time for the collection region to disappear
  • Collected objects are replaced after a random amount of time

Bugs I’m aware of:

  • Objects are sometimes collected despite being outside the collection region
  • Sometimes the puck continues to travel after hitting the second surface (and forming a triangle)
  • Sometimes the puck can leave the arena
  • Sometimes collectible objects can spawn too close to the edge, or even outside arena all together

2 thoughts on “NaGaDeMo Update: Still not a proper game, but 200% more sexy

    • We’re thinking different. colors for the prototype, and maybe different sizes/values in the long term. Tonight I’ll add in a scoring system and a lose condition, then we’ll have an actual game.

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